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Complete Pest Control In North Las Vegas, NV

The suburban city of North Las Vegas is located miles from the center of Las Vegas proper but offers plenty of excitement in its own right. With golf courses, coffee shops, local pubs, yoga studios, and many more amenities, North Las Vegas attracts families, working individuals, and retirees. With a large population, an urban backdrop, and warm yearly conditions, pest problems are a near-constant in the area.

At Kiwi Pest Control, it’s our top priority to make sure that homeowners and businesses have access to quality pest control. We work to provide a seamless customer experience as well, with proactive communication, a reliable support system, and a portal that houses all relevant information. The services that we offer are designed to flush out all current pest invasions and with regular visits, we’re able to completely eradicate any problem you might face. For more information on how the benefits of complete Clark County pest control can protect your property, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In North Las Vegas

At Kiwi Pest Control, we provide North Las Vegas homeowners with exceptional pest control solutions. Our team of dedicated and friendly pest experts will work with you in order to determine what your pest control goals are, remove any active infestations, and put methods into place that keeps pests from returning. We aim to be discreet and non-invasive during all of our visits and we’ll always treat your home like it was our own. The first treatment you receive focuses on the exterior of your home in order to flush out all current invaders. Once we’ve ensured that we’ve disrupted the life cycle, we’ll return on a quarterly basis for active prevention. To learn more about residential pest control and its benefits, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In North Las Vegas

Your North Las Vegas business sees a lot of traffic, which means that your property is left exposed to countless pest problems. It also means that one infestation could have a detrimental effect on your daily operations. At Kiwi Pest Control, we understand the need that businesses have for high-quality, safe, and reliable pest control, and it’s our main goal to provide it. We always begin with a detailed property inspection to properly identify the problem at hand and understand its scope. From there, we work to draw out any of the pests in your building with an exterior-focused application. We monitor the results closely and then move to ongoing service for lasting results. 

Behind our method for treatment is a very specific way of doing business because we believe that relationships matter. We always strive to offer the most empathetic service and tend to your property with as much care as our own. This means maintaining the aesthetic quality of your business, always putting safety first, and tailoring each treatment to your exact needs. For more information on commercial pest control, contact us today. 

Red Ant Prevention Tips For North Las Vegas Homeowners

Red ants, otherwise known as fire ants, are notorious for their aggressive behavior and ability to repeatedly deliver painful stings to people. They live mostly outdoors and build extensive pathways underground, which appear as mounds to those above ground. In order to prevent these pests from becoming an issue, Las Vegas homeowners should:

  • Turn over standing water on a regular basis.
  • Clear yards of leaf piles and excess debris like lawn trimmings.
  • Check hoses, downspouts, and roofs for leaks and fix any that occur.
  • Maintain a clean home interior with regular disinfecting.
  • Always store food in proper containers with lids.
  • Avoid overwatering the lawn.

Red ants simply aren’t worth the risk and can leave homeowners in need of serious medical attention. When it comes to stopping an infestation before it happens, professional help is the way to go. For more information on trusted red ant prevention and removal, contact Kiwi Pest Control today.

Are Scorpions In North Las Vegas Dangerous?

Scorpions lurk around Las Vegas properties searching for smaller pests to feed on, water sources to sustain them, and comfortable conditions. Though exact features vary from species to species, scorpions are easily distinguished from the bunch with their large pincers, curled tails, and clattering movements. While most of the scorpions that are running around the area are primarily a nuisance, the one species that locals should be concerned about is the bark scorpion. They are yellow in color and have two prominent brown stripes along their backs and tend to prefer cooler, damp environments like the areas underneath rocks or in bathrooms. The bark scorpion can deliver a venomous sting, so seek professional medical attention after an attack.

At Kiwi Pest Control, we protect residents from all scorpion species with reliable scorpion control. We start by making a property assessment to understand the conditions that are attracting scorpions in the first place and then flush them out with an exterior treatment that we monitor closely. For more information on these services, please contact us.