The Most Effective Ant Control Solution For Las Vegas Homes


Las Vegas isn’t only home to fantastic entertainment, shopping, and casinos. In this colorful city, ants are a common household pest that can be quite a nuisance. Depending on the type of ants you have in your household, using store-bought baits, sprays, and traps might not be enough to get rid of an ant infestation.

When ant colonies are making trouble in your home, and you have ant sightings everywhere, it’s time to call in the professionals. Learn more about these insects and why the best solution to your ant problem is to call pest control in Las Vegas.

Characteristics Of Common Ants

At first glance, you might think there isn’t much difference between various types of ants in Las Vegas. However, learning more about the common ants that might infest your home is essential.

A professional pest control technician can determine the best solution to clear ants from your property. For the most effective ant control in your house, your home may need to use a combination of different types of ant pest control products and exclusion techniques.

Most ants are between 1/3 to 1/2 an inch in length, have six legs, big heads, and are typically red or black. These insects have a hard exoskeleton and compound eyes and form complex colonies.

Different ants in Las Vegas may feed on sweets, insect honeydew, starches, or liquids. You may find ants hiding near windows, around appliances, or near sources of food.

Take steps to clean your home and try to use ant prevention tips to avoid future infestations. Contact Kiwi Pest Control to inspect and treat your home for ants.

The Issues Ant Infestations Create In Homes

Have your home regularly treated for ants, and find ways to keep these insects out. If you let an ant infestation go untreated, you might need more than one or two treatments to eliminate these nuisance pests from your property.

Here are some problems that ants can create:

  • Carpenter ants might eat away at wooden structures in your home, leaving behind cosmetic damage and threatening structural integrity.
  • Fire ants can leave a painful sting and be challenging and dangerous to remove from your home without professional help.
  • Certain ants may carry pathogens on their body and spread them as they travel throughout your home. Ants can contaminate your food when invading kitchen pantries.

It’s critical to schedule ant control for Las Vegas homeowners from Kiwi Pest Control throughout the year. You may want a visit from your friendly pest control technician for ant control services on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

All The Factors That Attract Ants To Homes

The fabulous nightlife is not an attractive reason for ants to enter your home, but the following reasons are:

  • Ants find sources of moisture, like standing water from leaky plumbing and dark and damp places, highly attractive.
  • What do ants eat inside your home? These insect pests will enter your home to feed on sweets, jelly, candies, and food crumbs.
  • Plants and flowers that smell sweet might attract ants to your home.
  • Ants might find places in your home to build a new colony that is out of sight and safe from harm.

Do what you can to reduce your home’s attractiveness to ants. Fill in gaps and crevices around doors, windows, baseboards, and walls where ants can enter. Keep your home in good repair and get regular Las Vegas ant control treatments from Kiwi Pest Control to protect your home and exclude ants.

The Secret To Total Ant Control For Las Vegas Homes

DIY solutions are simply ineffective and will not control ants or get them out of your home. The best solution is to use Kiwi Pest Control. Our technicians use effective ant control products and methods that keep these insects gone for good.

We can provide follow-up treatments to ensure your home and family in Las Vegas stay protected from ants in the future. Reach out today to get started, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas.