What Should I Do About Scorpions In My Las Vegas Garden?


Were you ever told as a kid to check your shoes for scorpions before putting them on because if one stings you, you will die? While it is likely that you could die from a scorpion sting in the Australian outback, that is not the case with the types of scorpions that live in your Nevada backyard. With that said, it doesn’t make crossing the path of one any less unsettling. Pest control in Las Vegas is one of the best ways to keep scorpions off your property. 

What Does A Striped Bark Scorpion Look Like?

Even if you have a fear of scorpions, the ones in Nevada will not kill you. The most popular species found in Nevada and the United States is the striped bark scorpion. They are easily identifiable.

They have long slender bodies with two long stripes lining the sides of their back. Their bodies are dark brown with pale yellow-white legs, a tail, and pincers. The tip of the tail’s stinger is black, and they have a dark triangle on top of their head.

Are Scorpions Dangerous?

Yes, there are dangerous scorpions that exist in the world. Out of the almost 2,000 species of scorpions, only 30 to 40 of these species have venom strong enough to kill people. Fortunately, the scorpions in Nevada are not medically dangerous, but they will sting if they are surprised and feel unsafe.

The sting is excruciating, and the area around the wound typically swells and turns red. Hospital visits are usually not a necessity for adults unless that person has severe medical sensitivities or specific allergies, which can result in anaphylactic shock. Young children and older people are most at risk from complications from a scorpion sting.

What Attracts Scorpions to My Garden?

Striped bark scorpions are naturally wandering hunters who love being outdoors. They are attracted to water, and they can be found climbing trees and fence posts and hiding under rocks, fallen trees, and woodpiles.

They don’t pose any threat to your garden except the possibility of stinging you if you come across one unexpectedly. During the day, they hide in cool shady places, including under rocks, in crevasses, and under heavy vegetation. Once they are on your property, they may wander inside your home searching for food, water, and shelter. 

What Is The Best Scorpion Control?

Did you know that scorpions are an essential part of our ecosystem? Like spiders, they eat many different insect species that would otherwise cause harm to your property and the environment.

With all that information, you still don’t want them in your garden or on your property, where you might get stung. Here are a few ways to keep them out of your yard:

  • Keep your property maintained and regularly clean out vegetation. Overgrown lawns and vegetation attract all kinds of pests and promote breeding. 
  • Ensure your sprinklers are in working order and there are no leaks or excessive moisture.
  • Perform lawn maintenance close to your scheduled spray service. This way, the insecticides can get to the hiding spots where you find scorpions and other unwanted pests.

The best scorpion control is hiring an expert who understands and knows all about scorpions and pest control in Las Vegas. At Kiwi Pest Control, we know the best ways to find and treat your termite and pest problems, including scorpions.

DIY methods can be dangerous and only temporarily fix the situation, sometimes turning a minor infestation into a major one. You can rest assured that the pests are eliminated correctly by calling Kiwi Pest Control to identify, inspect, and set up a customized solution for your home and property.

Contact us today for your free inspection!

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