Las Vegas Homeowners' Guide To Total Rodent Control


Have you ever considered that some rodents are good and others are bad? Let's specifically look at mice and rats. If you were to run down to your local pet store, you would find some of these furry creatures in cages running on little wheels or sleeping under cute domes. What is it that sets these adorable pets apart from the wild rodents that invade homes here in Las Vegas? Not much, actually. The main thing that makes wild rodents a huge problem is their freedom. Today we will be breaking down some facts about home-invading rodents and providing you with some options to handle these pests in Las Vegas.

About The Rats And Mice In Las Vegas

Many types of rodents call Las Vegas home. Many like to invade area properties. One of the most common and problematic rodents is the rat. Rats are plump with a hairy tails and have strong front incisor teeth that never stop growing. Two species of rats call our area home; Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats are the larger of the two species and have teeth strong enough to chew through soft concrete and aluminum siding. Roof rats are smaller, more mouse-like in appearance, and have agility similar to squirrels. It is not uncommon for these rodents to climb onto the roofs of homes using nearby trees and telephone poles or wires. Something rats are known for is how quickly they breed. A single female rat has up to 12 pups per litter. Those pups become sexually mature in as little as three months.

How Rodents Create Damage & Spread Diseases

Rodents are not just scary and disgusting to look at; they are also dangerous and destructive. When ugly rodents invade homes, they bring harmful bacteria and disease-causing organisms in with them, and this does not include the fleas and ticks they carry indoors inside their fur. In case you don't know, fleas and ticks are also vectors for diseases and often get people and animals sick. Some of the most common diseases you might contract from having rodents indoors include salmonellosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, malaria, tularemia, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and the plague. As for the damage rodents cause, these pests mainly destroy property with their teeth. They gnaw on the legs of furniture, chew holes through walls and food boxes, and tear up things like insulation, fabrics, and paper to build their nests. There are even instances where rodents will chew through electrical wires and utility pipes indoors, triggering electrical fires and water damage.

Five Eco-Friendly Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

In order to keep rodents out of your home, you have to make sure you properly seal your home's exterior. Here are five ways to do this.

  1. Repair or replace damaged screens.
  2. Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  3. Seal holes and cracks in your foundation using caulk and some steel wool.
  4. Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when they are not in use.
  5. Install a cap on your chimney.

Las Vegas's Secret Weapon To Complete Rodent Control

If you suspect your home has a rodent problem and want a reliable solution to get them out, what you need is Las Vegas pest control. For quality rodent control services at an affordable price, trust the experts at Kiwi Pest Control with your home's rodent problems. We will perform a detailed inspection and implement control methods to handle these pests quickly.

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