The Key To Total Pigeon Control For Las Vegas Properties


What do you think about pigeons? Maybe you haven't run across them often, or perhaps you see them regularly. Some people even feed these birds or keep them as pets, but this isn't advisable, considering pigeons' risks. While pigeons are more adaptable and intelligent than you'd think, they are often a problem for people.

Pigeons in Las Vegas are somewhat like rodents in that they tend to live nearly anywhere that humans do. They can adapt to humans' many environments to access shelter and food. Pigeons can also spread illnesses and are risky to have around your property. Learn how to deal with pigeons and learn more about bird control services in this guidebook.

Why City Pigeons Love To Live In Urban Areas

While pigeons are found in less populated places, too, they thrive in urban areas. They are associated with places like New York, but pigeons are also a problem in Las Vegas. When many humans live in close quarters, there's more access to food for these pest birds. These birds can survive on human food, including crumbs and leftovers.

They get into trash cans or pick up small bits of food trash around sidewalks. And, in cities, there are often people purposely feeding pigeons. Feeding these birds encourages them to hang around and makes it easier for pigeons to remain healthy and reproduce.

Cities also provide areas for pigeons to roost. They will build nests under eaves or along rooflines, and there are many nooks and crannies wherever there are a lot of manmade structures.

All The Issues Pigeons Can Create Around Your Property

Many birds are associated with diseases, but pigeons are most likely to cause problems because of their commonality. For one thing, pigeon droppings can transmit histoplasmosis, a spore that releases in the air. This illness impacts the lungs and is something to avoid. 

Pigeons also create slip and fall risks as their feces builds up along sidewalks, and their droppings are corrosive. Pigeons cause property damage as they nest, and their droppings amass on the sides of buildings or even on mechanical equipment. 

Lastly, pigeons are annoying to have around. The sound of their cooing is distinctive, and you might feel like you can't avoid these sounds no matter what you do.

Simple Tips To Discourage Pigeon Activity Around Your Property

Pigeons and other Las Vegas birds are difficult to deter completely, but there are ways to make your property less appealing to these pests. Our experts at Kiwi Pest Control recommend taking the following steps to prevent pigeons:

  • Clean up trash from around your property and put lids on all garbage cans; this removes access to food sources for pigeons and other birds.
  • Reduce humidity problems that attract birds by removing standing water from your property and ensuring rainwater can drain.
  • Install products that discourage roosting to reduce the areas where pigeons like to nest.
  • Wipe up food and drink spills if you are eating outside.
  • Store pet food inside the house and in sealed containers.

Finally, reach out to pest control professionals. Las Vegas pest control is the simplest and most effective way to prevent pigeons or remove current pigeon problems. 

Contact The Professionals To Learn More About Pigeon Control

Pigeon control is hard to implement on your own. Once pigeons nest around your home, it is hard to deter them and keep them away.

Contact Kiwi Pest Control for affordable, reliable home pest control services. We also provide ongoing bird control that will deter pigeons moving forward. Contact our team today to request your inspection or for a quote.