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Bed Bug Control In Las Vegas, NV

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Quick & Easy Bed Bug Control In Las Vegas, NV

Are you waking up covered in itchy welts that you can’t explain? If so, bed bugs likely are to blame. Bed bugs are tiny biting insects that live in box springs, mattresses, and sofas; they choose these hiding spots because they provide easy access to a nightly blood-meal. While bed bugs aren’t inherently dangerous, they are annoying and unwanted, and bed bugs are tricky to eliminate on your own. Fortunately, Kiwi Pest Control has the knowledge and skills to get rid of bed bugs for good. Call today to schedule a service visit.

Our Bed Bug Control Service

Eliminating bed bugs is challenging and best handled by pest control professionals. Our expert bed bug specialists use proven Integrated Pest Management techniques to get rid of the bed bugs with only a few treatments.


Before we can begin treating your property, your assigned technician will complete a thorough inspection. We look for common signs of bed bugs throughout the interior of your home or business. Common bed bug hiding spots include the following:

  • Bed frames and headboards
  • Behind wallpaper
  • Box springs
  • Mattress covers and sheets
  • In the seams of mattresses
  • Inside electrical outlets


Our bed bug technicians use a combination of dust and liquid treatments applied to affected areas of your property. We treat your entire structure initially, targeting common spaces such as bedrooms and living areas, applying our dust and liquid on baseboards, carpets, mattresses, and wall voids. This method ensures we will eliminate the entirety of your infestation in only a few treatments.

If activity persists after our initial service, we will return to re-treat any problem areas of your home or business. Find out more about our Kiwi Pest Control Guarantee by reaching out today!

Eliminate Bed Bugs From Your Home Or Business

At Kiwi Pest Control, we serve our neighbors in Las Vegas with reliable home pest control centered on expertise with empathy. It is our mission to provide you with the best pest control available using proven Integrated Pest Management techniques that allow us to meet your unique needs.

Contact us today for more information about our residential and commercial exterminator solutions or to schedule a service visit. We look forward to working with you!